Design development

Stamuli AB is a design studio. We mostly work on architecture of interiors and furniture design. Even if the majority of our projects are in the fashion and retail area, we design quite few very exclusive residential projects.

Stamuli AB can develop a concept for interiors to be spread over several project, or “one-off” design for more specific markets. Our expertise focus on sustainability and how to use materials of the future. We have a great knowledge of  recycled materials, and we tend to develop project that have low impact on the environment in terms of production and logistics. We want to reinterpret the future of luxury by proposing a new contemporary approach to surfaces and finishes.


Stamuli AB has developed a great network of consultants and contractors able to assist the construction of a new project across Europe, Americas, Asia and few African countries. As we mostly work with fashion companies that want to expand their retail business, we know how to work together with corporate structures and business models without jeopardizing the quality result of each project. We always keep the interest of our clients in first place, securing a reliable site-administration and cost-control.

Within our team we collect experiences from different realities but always within the high-end interiors market; that’s why every project manager of our team knows exactly how to run the overall construction process keeping intact the design intent and the client’s identity.